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Ginger is a plant root with multiple benefits for the body and for health in general. For centuries it was used in the typical diet of different cultures thanks to its natural and nutritious properties

Within the family of oils it contains, we find some types such as citronellal, lemon and camphene. Gingerol is another of the essential oils of the plant since it is responsible for giving it that spicy flavor that characterizes it.

As for vitamins, this tuber is rich in Vitamins B and C, in addition to being also rich in minerals such as aluminum, phosphorus, calcium and chromium.

During pregnancy it is ideal to consume ginger as a natural antiemetic, especially for the first months of pregnancy as it is a beneficial supplement for both the fetus and the mother. It also helps to deal with the difficulties of chemotherapy for patients suffering from cancer.

Ginger is highly recommended for those who suffer from digestive problems such as gastritis, flatulence or diarrhea, among others. It also works as a stomach protector, although it can not replace the medication dedicated to this.

It is recommended the use of ginger to help pass through painful or inflammatory diseases, and effectively combat problems of osteoarthritis, arthritis or chronic fatigue.

It also helps to accelerate metabolism, so it is an ideal complement in case we need to lose weight.

Ginger is considered a natural aphrodisiac. It is recommended to take it as a drink almost every day.

Ginger has benefits for cardiovascular problems, maintains an optimal rhythmic level and helps regulate the pumping of the heart.

Thanks to the properties contained in cineole, ginger helps reduce anxiety levels, regulates stress states in times of highs and lows, and gives the body a feeling of calm.

It is a food especially recommended for those who practice sports consistently and high performance. It will help to relax the muscles after putting them under a lot of pressure.

Effectively combat congestion and constipation discomforts. It is advisable to take ginger infusions.

For those women who suffer from ovarian pain, it is very important to drink liquid ginger, it is the only natural remedy that does not have significant side effects.

The properties of gingerols are beneficial for preventing colon cancer. Its effects seem to inhibit the growth of cancer cells in this area.

Ginger has tremendous benefits for the immune system, so it helps to make colds and acute flu develop.